Statement of Purpose

The best companies in the region will be using Alder Training to develop their staff. Learners who are trained by us will be inspired and highly skilled. We will receive unsolicited phone calls and letters from customers who say 'thank you for making a difference'. Our employees will feel that this is the best place they have ever worked. Finally, when you ask people to name the top training provider in the health care sector, the vast majority will say Alder Training.


Alder Training is committed to the provision of high quality training and assessment for the benefit of learners, employers and staff.

Within this mission the following aims are contained:

  • To help learners realise their full potential through the provision of excellent teaching, assessment and support
  • To make a positive difference to employers in the area through the delivery of effective training solutions
  • To expand the number and range of health & care employers that we work with
  • To provide an access route for people of all abilities to enter the health & care workforce through the development and delivery of appropriate training programmes
  • To provide appropriate progression routes to enable learners of all abilities to progress into the health & care workforce

Our Mission To Learners

We will support you

To be what you want to be

Get where you want to go

And achieve what you want to achieve

By putting you at the centre of what we do