91% Recommendation!

The Skills Funding Agency (SFA) are carrying out a satisfaction survey with employers across England to find out how satisfied they are with the training that they are receiving. So far, 69 of the employers we work with have been contacted and given their feedback. This week we received an interim report from the SFA, which shows us our results to date.


The results so far are encouraging.

91% of employers are likely to recommend us to other employers, giving us an average score of 9.24 out of 10.

All questions in the survey scored highly.

  • Employers valued the quality and professionalism of staff delivering the training (9.34 out of 10).
  • We deliver training that reflects up to date practices in the industry (9.24 out of 10)
  • We are efficient in our dealings with employers (9.12 out of 10)
  • We understand employers training needs (9 out of 10)
  • We offer training and assessment in a flexible way to meet employer needs (8.91 out of 10)
  • Overall, employers scored us 9.06 out of 10.

The survey also asks employers why they chose us to provide their training. Most employers chose us because we provide relevant courses, the quality of the training provided is high, we are local to the employers and we tailor training to meet the specific needs of the business.

We’re looking forward to reading the final report when it is published later in the year!